Stephanie came to visit me in Arizona. Over the weekend we drove up the Apache Trail in Tonto National Forest.

2013-04-26 Apache Trail

Apache Trail is the closest access to Tonto National Forest from my flat. However, the road is dirt and heavily travelled, so while it does not require a high clearance vehicle, the narrow washboard roads makes for a nerve-racking slow drive in my Chevy Cruze.

2013-04-26 The first lake on our drive up the Apache Trail is Canyon Lake

2013-04-26 I'm always surprised when I see bikers on the mountain roads I'm driving; I'm tired enough from driving, imagine how difficult it must be to bike these roads

2013-04-26 Stephanie and myself

2013-04-26 Evidence of water

2013-04-26 Flowering prickly pear cactus

2013-04-26 Rocks are a reoccurring theme in Arizona

2013-04-26 A lizard

2013-04-26 An agave before flowering (I believe)

2013-04-26 The Theodore Roosevelt Dam

2013-04-26 Arizona does have fish

2013-04-26 Theodore Roosevelt Reservoir

Apache Trail ends at Theodore Roosevelt Reservoir in the Tonto Basin. We camped on the lake and investigated the cliff dwellings at the Tonto National Monument

2013-04-26 The cliff dwellings at the Tonto National Monument, complete with a poorly lit photograph!

2013-04-26 Here we are in the cliff dwellings

2013-04-26 Here are some saguaro. Similar to mould, you can estimate directions based on the vegetation of the mountains in Arizona; the southern side will have saguaro (sun is setting in this photo), while the north will have more leafy bushes

2013-04-27 Looking onto Theodore Roosevelt Reserve

2013-04-27 I am so happy to be hiking

2013-04-27 Stephanie is also thrilled

2013-04-27 And we are happy together

2013-04-27 Home via Devil's Canyon

Not wanting to repeat the rough drive up Apache Trail, we went south to Globe and took US60 back to Phoenix

2013-04-27 Driving back we pass through Devil's Canyon on US60. Adventure time!

2013-04-27 Here is Devil's Canyon without us getting in the way of the picture

2013-04-27 I was thrilled when we found an open pit mine along SR177. Stephanie wanted to see more nature

Needing to fill one more day with activities, we went on a day hike in the Phoenix area. It ended at a spring with petroglyphs

2013-04-28 Petroglyphs

2013-04-28 I'm off searching for water. I found it: nice standing water covered in algae

2013-04-28 This is the terrain we hiked up. You don't realize how valuable shade is during hikes in Michigan, even in April it was uncomfortable in Phoenix

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