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My first trip with KLA-Tencor was to Israel for an applications symposium. While not a vacation, I was able to do a small amount of sight seeing during my down time.

2013-03-28 Heifa

I stayed in the Dan Panorama in Haifa, the city where I spent most of my trip

2013-03-28 Here is the view from my room

2013-03-14 From the top floor of my hotel looking South

2013-03-14 Jerusalem

On the last day of the symposium a tour we went on a tour of Jerusalem

2013-03-14 A panorama from the Mount of Olives

2013-03-14 Our tour guide identifying important sites; the Dome of the Rock is very prominent in the center

2013-03-14 Hiking down from the Mount of Olives

2013-03-14 These streets are very winding and narrow

2013-03-14 The garden of Gethsemane, full of olive trees. This is where Jesus prayed the night before crucifixion

2013-03-14 Here is the inside of the Church of All Nations, also known as the Church or Basilica of the Agony, right next to the Gethsemane

2013-03-14 Inside the Western Wall

2013-03-14 The wailing wall is separated by gender; however all of the women look over the barrier to see what is happening on the men's side

2013-03-14 Lunch is a falafel in the Roman Forum. I love falafels, especially ones with french fries

2013-03-14 Here is some excavations below the Roman Forum. The city just kept being rebuilt on top of ruins, so there are layers of different eras of the city as you go down

2013-03-14 The exterior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is very beautiful inside, however almost none of my pictures turned out

2013-03-14 The main hall of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, with a diagram showing Jesus' abs

2013-03-14 Exiting the Old City

2013-03-14 Our tour bus. Teddy bears placed in the windscreen is a common occurrence in Israel

2013-03-14 We were treated to tiny ice cream!

2013-03-14 While relevant, this sign was difficult to see on the wall. I also like the visual of spikes on the bottom of the sign

2013-03-18 More work and depart through Tel Aviv

Some of the new hires stayed for a week after the symposium for additional training.

2013-03-18 Nutella inside of chocolate chip cookies is one of the greatest ideas ever

2013-03-19 We must try everything on the menu when eating out, along with local beer. Unfortunately Israel is better known for wine than beer

2013-03-22 My flight left through Tel Aviv in the morning, where I spend my last night. Unfortunately because of how early my flight was I did not properly see the sights in Tel Aviv, in the future I must properly visit the city

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