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Rich's Posts

In 2017 I built my raised bed and put a lot of vegetables in. 2018 was the first full year with the garden and it really showed.

I recently went on a kick of organizing my house, and I deemed a flat filing cabinet a critical piece of organization. Prices for a steel architectual/map cabinet are more than I wanted to spend, so I built a similar-yet-different cabinet for around 200USD.

Some snipits from playing FarCry5.

I've had many strategies over the years how to most easily administrate my website and additional services. My current strategy is to containerize services as much as possible.

My previous CMS was written in GetSimpleCMS, which was effective but used its own markup syntax. The following script was quickly written to migrate pages to the new CMS.

RichSchuster.com has gone through many iterations, and most recently migrated from GetSimple CMS to Grav. This page documents some of the hardships and learnings from the migration.

In 2017 I got serious about gardening with a raised bed. As with all of my gardening, I'm lucky that I live in Oregon and most things grow successfully.

Documenting my garden in 2016. This is a short story about a potato from the supermarket.

It would appear that more often than not I forget some critical items while packing. This list is an attempt to counteract that, while providing some explanation for my selection.

Recently the developers of the Opera web browser have abandoned their rendering engine for Blink. While this is disappointing, their adamant stance that the new browser is not a remake of the old and many old features will not be reimplemented pushed me to seek a replacement.

The replacement I want is Otter Browser, which is a community effort to replicate Opera's look and feel with the Webkit engine. Unfortunately it is lacking many of the features it aims to replicate, so in the meantime I have collected the following procedure to adjust Firefox to my workflow.