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Here is a collection of pictures I have taken from my travels around the American Southwest.

2013-04-29 Joshua Tree National Park with Tony

With me living in Phoenix, Tony looked at a map and found someplace halfway between Phoenix and Los Angeles. Not happy with Blythe, we headed to Joshua Tree National Park instead.

2013-04-20 With clever photography I cut my car in half!

2013-04-20 Here is Tony

2013-04-20 I love new friends!

2013-04-20 Not only are there plants with spikes, there are rocks also in the national park!

2013-04-20 It wasn't too windy when we visited, but I don't know how else these rocks would be formed like this

2013-04-20 Skull rock is a very popular attraction

2013-04-20 Joshua trees!

2013-04-20 We were caught off guard when we saw these climbers during a short hike

2013-04-20 I was really thinking more along the lines of a two bedroom

2013-04-20 A bush giving life a second chance

2013-04-20 It is California

2013-04-20 After Joshua Tree National Park we drove to the Salton Sea, which I had read about but you really need to visit to get a feeling for the salinity of the lake. My Cruze covered a lot of miles that day; here it is taking a break at the beach

2013-04-20 EWWWW. Thanks to no outlet, the Salton Sea is increasing in salinity, placing it somewhere between the ocean and the Great Salt Lake currently

2013-04-20 Slab City is nearby, and this is Salvation Mountain

2013-04-20 I find the restricted area sign a little ironic

2013-09-28 Mongollon Rim Camping

After a long summer in Phoenix I wanted to see some proper trees, so I drove up to the Mogollon Rim.

2013-09-28 My alcohol stove cooking breakfast. I really needed to coax it to start in the cold, and there was not even snow on the ground

2013-09-28 My campsite. Look at all of the trees!

2013-09-28 This looked like a nice pulloff that my Chevy Cruze was capable of fairing

2013-09-28 My first proper look out over the Mogollon Rim

2013-09-28 Looking down at the Tonto National Forest, with many more dead trees this time

2013-09-28 I stopped at a stream for a bit and the crayfish startled me at first. This guy was probably ten centimeters long

2013-09-28 This is the creek I stopped at

2013-09-28 Let's meet the meat!

2013-09-28 This is the Tonto Natural Bridge

2013-09-28 On the walk down to under the bridge

2013-09-28 I can only imagine the bad day when you step through that hole above

2013-09-28 I don't think the tree chose to live this close to the edge of the bridge, but I really have no sympathy for the moss hanging over

2013-09-29 Driving back home in the morning on the east side of the Tonto National Forest

2013-09-29 Back to cactus territory

2013-11-02 Las Vegas with Tony

With Tony living in Los Angeles, we figured a weekend trip to Las Vegas would be easy and fun!

2013-11-02 I drove to the Colorado River on Friday night and camped, here is the marina next to my campsite

2013-11-02 At least deer will spook when you drive up to them and leave. Although honestly animals can take as long as they want crossing the street if they do not hit my car

2013-11-02 Tony and myself outside the Luxor

2013-11-02 Tony and I went to The D. While there was a Coney Island, they really could have played up the Detroit theme more

2013-11-02 Checking out Fremont Street

2013-11-03 Tony knew of the Atomic Bar right off of Fremont Street. Back before the city was built up people would watch atomic testings from the roof. Our drinks were not as exciting

2013-11-09 One of my less exciting weekends in the Tonto National Forest, I saw this sign at a T-intersection. While I believe it is supposed to remind us that we should be careful with fire, it read more like a road sign. I went to the right, and really didn't see that much devastation

2013-11-29 Thanksgiving in Arizona

My family, Jeff, Tony, and Stephanie came out to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and it was a blast.

2013-11-29 While driving up to Sedona we pulled off to check out Arcosanti, the sustainable community which makes bells. Here are our heroes, Tony, Jeff, Stephanie, and myself

2013-11-29 Once again Tony has found a new home

2013-11-29 Here is a panorama of Arcosanti

2013-11-29 Stephanie and I at the Sedona Airport, looking at some awesome cliffs

2013-11-29 While we were on a day hike we saw some climbers, I'm impressed they can get anywhere on these cliff sides

2013-12-01 Stephanie and I went up into Tonto National Forest by ourselves. Here is Stephanie's small foot with the footprint of a large animal (dog we think)

2013-12-01 We found Sycamore Creek, which is beautiful in the winter

2013-12-01 I did not believe in rivers in Arizona

2013-12-01 Stephanie and I in the wilderness

2013-12-14 Sycamore Creek

2013-12-14 This is in December. I believe during monsoons this becomes much more flooded

2013-12-14 There is a 4x4 road that follows this creek. I struggled with hiking this road at times; I cannot imagine a Jeep navigating it

2013-12-14 A waterfall! Sorta

2013-12-14 Here is an old panel van that has been left to die. Lots of bullet holes; I can only imagine that the bullet holes are the reason the van stopped

2013-12-14 I took a break and shot my Mosin Nagant at a frying pan from the Salvation Army. I need something thicker, most of the time the bullets would penetrate without shaking the pan

2013-12-14 More footprints! I think these may be of feline origin

2013-12-14 When I first came across this I had no idea what it is, as in Michigan we do not have random abandoned mines. Turns out, Sunflower Mine was located along this creek, and I return looking for the processing equipment in 2014

2013-12-14 Here is the only bridge that the forest road gets

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