In 2017 I traveled for work quite a bit and had some personal trips too. Unfortuantly I only took a handful of pictures, and they are featured here!

Mike and Mike in Oregon

Mike and Mike left Michigan to visit me in Oregon. Unfortunately neither decided to stay, but it is always fun to have them visit!

2017-05-20 If you are going to take only one pictue, Multnomah Falls is a good choice.

Taking my Quadcopter on a Work Trip

I had some trips back to back and took my small quadcopte with me. It is fun to buzz around during downtime.

2017-08-16 Here is the quad I flew. It is 105mm, just large enough to fly outside without wind. The antenna shield and propeller shield are parts I 3D printed.

2017-08-24 The park in Minneappolis I found to fly my quad in. I was lucky as the weather was beautiful and the park was empty. My biggest frustration is the small motors on my quad only have press-fit popelers, which kept flying off!

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