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I managed to take more pictures in 2018 than in 2017. I found myself in Dresden, Israel, Derry/Londonderry, and Grenoble.


Work took me to Dresden, Germany this year. I enjoyed it so much that I caught a cold and felt miserable for my weekend!

2018-05-10 I arrived the evening before Christi Himmelfahrt or Ascension Day. I always enjoy a good day off. While it historically celebrates Christ's Ascension to Heaven, my observation is the holiday is primarily celebrated by spending time outside and consuming alcohol with your friends. This is looking over Elbe River.

2018-05-12 Many buildings build during communist rule still stand, giving parts of the town a communist bloc feel. As an American, I find this fascinating.

2018-05-12 Doner Kebab is one of my most favourite dishes of all time. I have a terrible habit of eating this dish almost exclusively when traveling through Europe.

2018-05-13 One of my days off had me driving through the rural countryside of Saxony. My rental Peugeot 3008 was a fun car, but it started feeling unsafe on the autobahn around 180kph.

2018-05-15 I stopped by the museum Die Welt der DDR, which features artifacts from East Germany during the communist regieme. The Tragant is a two stroke passenger car produced in East Germany, and this museum has a wall of them showing the different configurations. I was most impressed by the I4 4-stroke produced from 1989-1991 and the trailer that was pulled by these tiny 20HP cars.

2018-05-17 I did my laundry on this 20 day trip. The laundrymat I found on Google Maps had instructions in English, and lost socks on the ceiling!

2018-05-19 I made a day trip to Burg Kriebstein, a castle about an hour away from Dresden. While it is not particularly famious, the castle was originally built in the 1500s and continually evolved as the function of a castle changed. With different sections of the castle dating to different eras the goal of the architect becomes evident; with early rooms being small for containing heat and defensiblity, but later rooms being larger with larger windows as castles abandoned their military function for social function.

2018-05-19 One of the major landmarks of Dresden is Yenidze, which originally was built as a cigarette factory in 1909. The cigarette company imported tobacco from the near east which prompted the mosque inspired architecture. The building is now an office building.


Another work trip to Israel. I try to still be a tourist during any trip longer than a week.

2018-09-29 On my weekend I went for a short hike near the office. Being September, the plants are dry and yellow looking, but during my hike I walked the opposite direction to a shepard and his flock.

2018-09-30 This trip I made my way to Caesarea. I really enjoyed seeing such a good example of Roman architecture. Which is an ironic statement as this picture only features the foundation of a house.

2018-10-01 My office is located in Migdal HaEmek with this roundabout.

2018-10-04 Another stop by the Bahá'í gardens in Haifa. I always stay in a hotel within walking distance of this overlook.

2018-10-05 On the grounds of the University of Haifa is the Hecht Museum. The musuem covers the history of the region from the Canaanite period to Byzantine period, and I really liked the seafaring people's (Phoenicians) exhibit. Unfortunately I don't remeber what this specific artifact is supposed to represent.

2018-10-05 I'm really shy so I don't eat out much when I travel. But when I see a sign claiming "One of the Ten Best Burgers in the World", I'm interested. This claim must be true: if the sign intended to lie about the quality of the hamburger, why not claim to be the best burger?

2018-10-05 This is probably the best hamburger I've ever eaten. Fried shitake mushroom strips, mushroom aioli, and the secret ingredient: kobe beef.

Northern Ireland

After my trip to Israel, work immediately sent me to Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland. I was lucky that my travel schedule gave me a weekend to be a tourist on my first trip to Northern Ireland. 2018-10-14 I collected photographic proof that Ireland does have days without rain!

2018-10-14 A panorama of the North Alantic with Mussenden Temple on the left side, along with Charlie being my tour guide.

2018-10-14 The nearby Downhill Castle. This is a bizzarre structure constructed in the late 18th century and provided really cool ruins to investigate.

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