After spending much too long attempting to build a demand driven base in Factorio, I documented my work through a video and moved on with my life. Moved on until I feel the urge to make another Factorio video, that is.


If you are familar with Factorio, you may have attempted to put multiple types of items on one belt just to find things get stuck once the belts get full of "trash". Instead of building a base with single-purpose belts, I strove to build a base with a control scheme to keep the mixed belts managed. It isn't perfect, and I blame a fundamental limit with the game from allowing me to scale this workflow. The issue is with filter inserters: when they receive too many signals for items to filter, they only collect the top five based on entity ID. As my base developed more diverse demands, the filter inserters would only filter irrelevant items and the base would get stuck.

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