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Kheema literally translates to "ground meat" from Hindi. One of the first curry dishes I made in Australia was a kangaroo kheema, which was probably the best dish I made while I was there. When we had some ground venison which my mother didn't want to touch, I figured it was a good time to document the recipe.

This is a stew I invented using red lentils and rice. I have not been able to find a pre-existing dish with a similar recipe, so I just call it lentils and rice.

I had invited Jeff to tour South Korea with me, but he had different plans. He is good friends with Evan and Megan, and so we visited them in Taipei for a week. They were great hosts, and made the trip very easy, which was great after Korea where I was struggling to figure everything out for myself.

Before I started my research in Beijing I made two weeks of holiday in South Korea and Taiwan. In case you are planning on going to Korea, plan ahead. I was writing exams two days before I left so I ignored it, and then I wasn't able to schedule a DMZ tour or a visit to the massive shipyards of Samsung or Hyundai Heavy Industries.