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I recently went on a kick of organizing my house, and I deemed a flat filing cabinet a critical piece of organization. Prices for a steel architectural/map cabinet are more than I wanted to spend, so I built a similar-yet-different cabinet for around 200USD.

My home in Oregon has no basement. While this is normal in an area with a shallow frostline, having grown up in Michigan I didn't know where to put all of the "extra" stuff that was overtaking my garage. To mitigate this I constructed a shed along the edge of my property to the maximum dimensions allowed without a permit in Hillsboro (200 sq ft). has gone through many iterations, and most recently migrated from GetSimple CMS to Grav. This page documents some of the hardships and learnings from the migration.

Recently the developers of the Opera web browser have abandoned their rendering engine for Blink. While this is disappointing, their adamant stance that the new browser is not a remake of the old and many old features will not be reimplemented pushed me to seek a replacement.

The replacement I want is Otter Browser, which is a community effort to replicate Opera's look and feel with the Webkit engine. Unfortunately it is lacking many of the features it aims to replicate, so in the meantime I have collected the following procedure to adjust Firefox to my workflow.

This details the proceedure used to process images before archival or upload to Rich

Note: These notes are largely obsolete and are provided for reference. Codecs have advanced beyond H264 (although H264 is still hugely popular and a safe choice for compatiblity), and Handbrake has become a mature and user friendly GUI application that performs this work.

I started encoding DVDs when my friend got an iPod Video in 2006 and he was trying to put videos on his iPod. Since then I've given up iPod support on my videos, and instead find myself trying some of the more fun modern options available to H264. Now I watch my videos through MythVideo, and I can take some movies on my usb key to watch on a PS3 or Xbox360 with my friends.

My scripts have evolved extensively, as I've used ffmpeg, mencoder, and now handbrake to perform my encoding. The first resource I used was on the Ubuntu Wiki, although now the article has become fragmented. The only thing which I pull from this page any more is dumping a DVD in Windows (ironically).

Mass renaming should be a lot easier than I make it, and there is probably still an easier way than what I've found. However, recently when I was trying to rename a portion of my music collection I stumbled upon the program mmv. The next time I wanted to use it, I had to look up the man page again, so here is a small tutorial on mmv for myself.