Rich's Posts

I went to Beijing to work on fuel cell research along with some American students.

I had invited Jeff to tour South Korea with me, but he had different plans. He is good friends with Evan and Megan, and so we visited them in Taipei for a week. They were great hosts, and made the trip very easy, which was great after Korea where I was struggling to figure everything out for myself.

Before I started my research in Beijing I made two weeks of holiday in South Korea and Taiwan. In case you are planning on going to Korea, plan ahead. I was writing exams two days before I left so I ignored it, and then I wasn't able to schedule a DMZ tour or a visit to the massive shipyards of Samsung or Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Wanting to see some of Michigan's famous sand dunes, I determined the place to go is Silver Lake, the only drivable dunes East of Utah. Good thing I don't have a Jeep. Scott, Mike, and Stephanie joined me on this excursion.

Our last stop was visiting Trish's good friend Jose in Madrid.

After England we flew to Karlsruhe, and saw the KIT research facility. After that we went to Freiburg, and continued on to Paris.

After graduation my sister and I went to Europe for an 18 day holiday. We visited a bunch of her friends and saw London, Oxford, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Paris, and Madrid.

The last page dedicated to my trip in Australia. After mid semester break there was about two months left, however I also had exams during this period, and I figured I should study a little for them. I still managed to go surfing, celebrate Thanksgiving, and go to Alice Springs.

This is the second page of pictures from my trip to Australia, specifically covering the spring break trip up the Australian East Coast with some study abroad students.

In 2009 I studied abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney. This page covers the first portion of my trip: arrival, some tourism, and student life.