How to season frozen french fries. While the instructions are obvious, I have documented my proceedure to fill my website with content.


  • Bag of frozen fries
  • Seasoning - I like to use steak seasoning, and I always buy a large container of it for these occasions. I've also used curry powder (which needs salt and pepper), and tonight I used both my Thai and Moroccan seasoning, as I move out in two days and I'm eating everything I can. It just so happens that the two jars I had were very similar in ingredients.


Make your life easy and line a tray with tinfoil, and grease it.

Cut a notch in the corner of the potatoes bag, and poor the seasoning in. Use a lot, the only problem you can run into is if you are using pepper or garlic. Tonight I used an entire 50g container.

Twist up the bag and shake it.

Here are the potatoes before the oven, fairly evenly coated. Cooking them according to the directions is a good idea, however most of the time they are soft using "directions". Also, since this is for parties, I generally don't have time to flip them, which helps cook evenly. What I do is I cook them a little colder than recommended 5~10% for the recommended time, then I broil them for 10-20 minutes. This is tricky, because they can (and will) smoke, which isn't attractive if you are throwing a party.

Finished Result

And out of the oven, just lightly scorched.

And in the theme of eating everything I can, here is some leftover pork with a can of mushrooms and peppercorn gravy. While this plate contained enough calories to keep me going for three days, I managed to eat it... over the course of two hours.

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